BISHOP PATRICK MCKINNEY - Yet another two-a-penny bog-standard shepherd of anti-church

Bishop Patrick McKinney celebrated Mass for obstinate and proudly unrepentant grave sinners of the assorted lesbian, sodomitical, bisexual and transgender varieties in St Barnabas’ Cathedral, Nottingham, on Saturday 15th October 2016 at 3.00 pm. He even has the rainbow symbol of the militant homofascist collective displayed on his diocesan website. The hypocritical and sanctimonious pretext for this sacrilege is - you've probably already guessed it - the creepy Year of "Mercy".

The following month, his Lordship plans a special Mass for obstinate and proudly unrepentant Nazis and will be displaying a swastika on his website. And the month after that he plans a Mass for obstinate and proudly unrepentant sadomasochists and will be displaying a picture of a dominatrix with a whip on his website.

I jest of course, but why is his Lordship's faux mercy so narrowly focused on people who burn with lust for the unnatural, unhealthy, disgusting vice of same-sex anal copulating, you may well ask? Why no public displays of mercy for obstinate and unrepentant shop lifters, abortionists, rapists, paedophiles, wife beaters, racists and “right-wing extremists”, for example? Why is their much vaunted "mercy" so narrowly targeted and restricted?

The answer is simple. It has absolutely nothing to do with mercy (faux or genuine) and everything to do with promoting the sodomite agenda within the Church. A true shepherd of the true Church would be on his knees begging grave sinners to repent before it was too late, that would be true mercy - just as our Blessed Lord implored the young woman taken in adultery to "go, and sin no more." I find it difficult to decide which is the more offensive, his Lordship's rank hypocrisy or his obvious contempt for the intelligence of the faithful.

I recently learned that there were three Catholic priests on board the Titanic, Father Juozas Montvila of Lithuania, Father Josef Peruschitz, O.S.B. of Bavaria, and English rector Father Thomas Byles. All three men declined lifeboats and chose what must be one of the worst deaths imaginable, drowning - and a freezing, black, watery grave at the bottom of the Atlantic - rather than abandon souls in peril. Their bodies have never been recovered.

These priests led passengers in the recitation of the Rosary, and, according to the survivors, “aroused those condemned to die to acts of contrition and to prepare themselves to meet the face of God,” and they were, “engaged continuously giving general absolution to those who were about to die.”

Seriously? Do you actually mean that there was mercy in the Church before Vatican II, the election of Pope Humble the 1st and the present unctuous episcopacy? Go on, you're winding me up - having a laugh ... aren't you?

Once Bishop McKinney has prostituted his soul to the service of the egregious militant homofascist collective, it will be extremely hard to retrace his steps - sadly, once a whore always a whore.

What's to be done? Well, two things: Keep praying the rosary - and make sure you never put a brass farthing in the coffers of these charlatans. And stay cheerful; the revolution will fail. It's just a matter of time, prayer and perseverance.

"Throughout Sacred Scripture we see the same pattern repeating itself - God works through small numbers, 'faithful remnants' almost invisible within a larger sea of largely unfaithful humanity." - Roy Schoeman

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