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Graham Moorhouse: The man behind "Stat Veritas"

I am pushing 80 and have been happily married to long-suffering Anne for nearly half a century.  We have eight children (seven extant) and twelve grandchildren.


Here we are (or most of us) enjoying Christmas together

I escaped the secular asylum (aka liberalism) at about the age of seventeen by the grace of God.  A year or so later, I was knocking on the door of the local Catholic presbytery and asking to be received into the Catholic Church.  Marrying Anne and becoming a Catholic are two decisions that I have never regretted.


After Vatican II, I became very despondent with the state of the Church, as it embraced the very liberalism that I had escaped from in my teens.  I regard Pope Francis as an evil clown and probably the worst pope ever.  However, I discovered the world-wide traditional Catholic movement in about 1999 and have never looked back - this is now my spiritual home.


The Novus Ordo Church can't produce vocations and is contracepting itself out of existence - the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned.  Whereas, traditional Catholics can't build seminaries fast enough to accommodate vocations and their congregations are full of splendid large families.  As Christ said, "The fruitful shall inherit the earth".


I regard the western media as demonic because most of its output is simply lies designed to promote the dogmas of their secular liberal/Masonic "religion".   Indeed, I regard liberalism as a psychosis.  How else, other than psychotic, can one explain a state of mind that can observe a violent political cancer such as Islam and describe it, with a straight face, as "a religion of peace"?


Am I depressed?  Not at all - with Brexit and Trump in one year, how can I be depressed.  Just keep praying the Rosary folks, for the long-promised triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart

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