Clerical sodomophile cabals in the English church

Fr Dominic Howarth is a leading light in one of the clerical sodomophile cabals in the English church

I have coined the word “sodomophile” to describe those cleric and bishops who prostitute their office to surreptitiously promote the sodomite life-style within the Church. In fact, this promotion is no longer always that surreptitious, indeed, it is sometimes quite boldfaced. As someone has noted, the wolves don’t bother to pretend to be sheep any more. Since the Council, the Church has become infested with a significant number of sodomophiles, some of whom are found among high ranking churchman. They advance on the Church and our young people behind barricades constructed from the Masonic, fuzzy-left buzz words beloved of secular liberals, such as “openness”, “non-judgmentalism”, “inclusiveness”, “mercy”, etc.

These men claim the moral high ground, spuriously asserting that they are serving an inclusive agenda. This, however, doesn’t stand up to serious examination. There are scores, indeed hundreds, of different aberrosexual conditions to which the sons of Adam are drawn, 99.9% of which are excluded from the “inclusiveness” of our sodomophile clerics.

What about, for example, those poor souls who suffer from coprophilia, erotophonophilia, diaper fetishism, exhibitionism, frotteurism, hematolagnia, infantophilia, sadism, necrophilia or zoophilia? – to name a mere handful at random? What these clerical sodomophiles have down is pick out just three or four psycho-sexual aberration from the bunch to promote and advance – and include in their acronyms – and the rest can go to hell. The three or four aberrations selected all relate in some way or other to same-sex anal copulating. Whilst this bizarre obsession with endorsing and promoting the sodomite lifestyle may not be entirely incompatible with having a normal healthy sexuality oneself, it is surely not unfair to point out that it would also be entirely consistent with someone experiencing disordered desires in that direction themselves.

Clerical sodomophiles are very skilled at rationalising. Rationalising is the art of telling oneself rational lies. We all of course do this. When we sin or are drawn to sin we rationalise what we are doing. Most of us, of course, cannot sustain the rationalising for too long and sooner or later the truth kicks in and we find ourselves on our knees in the confessional. These men, however, have raised rationalising to an art form, one to which they have made a life-long commitment. And if you commit your life to something, you, as one would expect, become rather good at it.

The Scriptures clearly condemn men who have sex with men in unambiguous terms in numerous places. However, one does not need the Scriptures to know that same-sex anal copulating is unnatural, unhealthy and grossly depraved – that is a no-brainer for anyone who has not been brainwashed by the sausage machine that is otherwise known as modern education. Indeed, I’m sure that there are many decent homosexuals who would themselves affirm the truth of that statement. Nevertheless, clerical sodomophiles regularly misquote, abuse and truncate Scripture to serve their depraved agenda; but then did not Our Blessed Lord warn us that even the Devil will quote Scripture?

Clerical sodomophiles seldom act alone. They form cabals among the clergy. The fact that our bishops select the priests to form our Catholic youth exclusively from members of these cabals should tell anyone all they needs to know about the rotten spiritual state of many of the current hierarchy.

Fr Dominic Howarth is a leading light in one of these clerical sodomophile cabals in the English church and is a classic example of the genre. He recently preached at a Mass for those committed to the gay lifestyle (note again how very selective and narrow is their claimed inclusiveness). He grounded his sermon on the Gospel account of the young woman taken in adultery, and our Blessed Lord’s brilliant intervention. At this point it suddenly goes pear shaped. We are invited to take from this story that God is open and accepting of those practising and promoting deviant sexual lifestyles. But that only works if Our Lord had said something along the following lines:

“Bless you young lady. Your adultery and promiscuous lifestyle are a sexual orientation, its how my Father made you. Come out of the closet, embrace who and what you are, and continue your adulterous lifestyle with My blessing. Rejoice! God loves and accepts you just as you are. Perhaps, for support, you could seek out a special Mass for those committed to practising and promoting an adulterous lifestyle.”

At which point, the apostle, Fr Timothy Radcliffe, no doubt chipped in with his two pennyworth:

“We cannot begin with the question of whether adultery is permitted or forbidden! We must ask what it means, and how far it is Eucharistic. Certainly it can be generous, vulnerable, tender, mutual and non-violent. So in many ways, I would think that adultery can be expressive of Christ’s self-gift.”

However, away from the feverish imaginations of sodomophile clerics, the reality is that Christ said nothing of the sort, not even close. Instead, He cut through all the pretentious phony piety and cant preached by sodomophile clerics like Fr Dominic Howarth (just as He cut through the sham holiness and rank hypocrisy of the crowd threatening to stone the young woman) with just five words:

“Go and sin no more”

Aside, just for the sake of historical accuracy: it is improbable that the mob actually planned to stone the young woman as Father claims, for three reasons. One, stoning had long fallen out of use by the Jews of Our Lord’s time. Two, Jews where under occupation by Rome and had lost the right to sentence anyone to death, which is why, of course, they dragged Our Lord before Pilate. Three, if they had actually planned to stone her, they would have hardly have consulted Christ before proceeding.

No, what we are witnessing here is a trap being set for Christ, the Pharisees believe they have Him between a rock and a hard place. If he says “Don’t stone her,” they can denounce Him for contradicting the Law of Moses. If He says, “Stone her”, his credential as the representative of a God of mercy and love go up in smoke. Our Lord, of course, knowing precisely what they are up to, skilfully side-steps the trap.

Sodomophiles like Fr Dominic Howarth are actually infinitely worst that this mob, for the mob were merely feigning to be intent on destroying the young woman’s body, not her soul. Men like Fr Dominic Howarth by encouraging us in grave sin, set out to destroy the soul and the body. He is precisely the kind of “shepherd” that Christ warned us to fear when he said:

“And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matthew 10:28)

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