The Orlando Massacre Or: Straight and Crooked Thinking

The Orlando massacre of some fifty homosexual men and women in a homosexual bar in Orlando was an unspeakably wicked act. And it goes without saying that we should pray for the victims and their families, and, indeed, for the family of the perpetrator of this evil crime. I find it difficult to pray for the soul of the perpetrator, but as Christ spilt His precious blood out of for love of all men, one must make the effort. We should also pray for all the poor souls who frequent these sewers.

However, it should be possible for a sane man to do this while at the same time escaping the liberal trap of twisting this incident to promote some sort of bizarre celebration of faggots and faggotry in general. When a bad man is murdered by another bad man, the victim does not become a good man, he merely becomes a dead bad man. Orlando massacre

Why, I hear some ask, use harsh words like "faggot" when referring to homosexuals, instead of more bland words like “gay”? I do so out of a sense of justice to decent homosexual men. There are men who bear the cross of the disorder of same sex attraction, but who strive manfully to live decent, chaste, upright lives. I personally have one such acquaintance - a good man who carries a heavy cross - who would rather be seen dead than frequent these emporiums of mortal sin. Orlando massacre

“Homosexual bars” are a misnomer, for they are no way analogous to ordinary bars where people go to socialise and hang out with friends. Homosexual bars and clubs exist for one purpose: to facilitate promiscuous sodomite sex, and lots of it. Thus the Orlando club would be like a portal of hell – where the damned hate the damned. Orlando massacre

29-year-old Omar Mateen, the killer, was almost certainly homosexual himself, for he was known to be a frequent patron of the nightclub. So what we really have here is a homosexual man killing other homosexual men. Omar was clearly a deeply conflicted individual, a state of mind yet further exacerbated by his adhesion to the evil creed of Islam.

Should it surprise us that a homosexual man should want to kill homosexual men? - only if you have been mindlessly soaking up liberal propaganda for the last twenty years. The fact is that most serial killers are homosexual, most spree killers are homosexual, almost the entire officer corps of the Nazi Brown Shirts where homosexual (and they made a pretty good fist of killing other homosexual men - see the Night of the Long Knives), plus domestic violence, up to and including murder, is rampant in the homosexual community. Liberals would have us believe that homosexuals are regularly beaten up by gangs of homophobic skinheads. The truth is that almost all violence against homosexuals is perpetrated by fellow homosexuals. Once one escapes the liberal psychosis, one will in time be able to reclaim one's birthright and be able to stare reality in the face. And the reality here is: fags often hate fags, and fags kill fags - always have done and always will do.

The reason I believe is simple: homosexuals are often deeply conflicted, just as an alcoholic both loves and hates alcohol, so many homosexuals both burn with lust for their disgusting, unnatural, unhealthy vice, yet at the same time, retain enough humanity, to be deeply repelled and revolted by it. This turmoil in the soul explains why suicide, drug addition, alcoholism, violence and a cavalier attitude to deadly disease, are inbuilt into the homosexual sub-culture.

Should it surprise us that an Islamic Jihadist was homosexual? - only, again, if you have been uncritically soaking up liberal and Islamic propaganda for the last twenty years. When I was MD of a building company, one of my foremen did a two year spell of duty in Saudi Arabia. When he returned, some of his first words to me were to express amazement at how many of the men appeared to be homosexual. "You see men walking around hand-in-hand everywhere," he exclaimed, "even policemen on duty!"

The truth is that the entire Islamic world is a sewer of sexual perversion: child brides, female genital mutilation, war rape (explicitly encouraged by the Koran), sexual abuse of children (Mohammed had a six-year old wife), incest (the reason Pakistanis suffer high rates of mental retardation is almost certainly inbreeding), rape (100% of the rapes carried out in Stockholm last year were carried out by Muslims), child rape (Rochdale), porn (according to Google, Pakistan tops the list for porn-searches), bestiality (Pakistan also tops the world in searches for sex with animals: pigs, donkeys, dogs, cats and snakes - snakes!) and widespread faggotry (in Iraq, MPs recently complained that the number one challenge in the detention facilities was keeping the inmates off one another). Plus, the Islamic world's enthusiasm for public whippings, even of young women, suggest a strong undercurrent of sado-masochism.

What then of those awful stories one hears of homosexuals being tossed from high-rise building in territories controlled by ISIS? Ask yourself this: how many normal heterosexual men do you know who have the slightest inclination to throw a homosexual man off a bus, let alone a high-rise building. The answer is none, which leads one inexorably to the conclusion that most of the perpetuators of these unspeakably cruel crimes are conflicted homosexual men themselves - fags hate fags and fags kill fags.

Omar was also an Afghan. Boy rape and adult faggotry is normative in Afghani culture. Do a Google search on "Bacha Bazi". Bacha Bazi includes boy sex options, which are popular in Afghanistan. Decent American servicemen serving in Afghanistan are being driven into PTSD and suicide because they are ordered to turn a blind eye to child rape, because it is deemed by their superiors to be cultural. This is just one of the reasons decent men return home to the States broken, and tragically sometimes blow their own brains out. It is not just combat trauma; it is because of the soul-crushing, despair-inducing scandal of the depravity to which they have been forced to turn a blind-eye.

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