Gay Sham Marriage Exposed as a Deception

Gay Sham Marriage

The Argument For Gay Sham Marriage Is Exposed As A Deception In This Ground Breaking Book

For years the public has been brain washed with unfounded assertions that in fact are no more than modern fairy tales sold as science. With regard to homosexuality, people hear and read mostly lies from the liberal dominated media. This book explain why the deception is possible and demonstrates why no assertion of the gay ideology has been or will ever be scientifically validated. Liberals of course hate science, so this book will not dent their enthusiasm for their latest dogma, but for those who prefer science to ideology, this book is a gold mine.

Science Says NO! examines the basic assertions of this ideology, and exposes the shameful hoax of same-sex sham marriage. The author demonstrates how genuine science and research demolishes this dangerous ideology, an ideology that is responsible for much personal and social misery, and has the potential to cause much more misery if not restrained. When you put this book down you will have a clearer understanding of the root causes of this psycho-sexual disorder.

Dr. van den Aardweg warns that It must be opposed by a programme based on the truth. Lies must be exposed. Truthful education must replace, or at least neutralise, the omnipresent gay-ideological propaganda. Constructive guidance must be given to people suffering from homosexual attractions, so as to help them not to fall prey to the illusions of the self-destructive gay lifestyle. Change-directed counselling and therapy must be promoted. Academic freedom to teach, write, and do research on the psychology of, and psychotherapy for, homosexuality, must be restored. In general, the homosexual influence at universities, educational institutes, in political parties, and in the media, must be broken.

Ultimately, the scandal of same-sex ‘marriage’ must be undone. Anyone interested in learning the facts about the true nature of the global LGBT political movement must read this book.

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