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Get Woke, Go Broke

To understand how the left got where it is today, we need to go back to Marx and trace why and when it morphed into something different.

Classical Marxists saw the world in very simplistic terms: there were the noble working classes and there were the evil capitalists. The evil capitalist exploited the noble working classes. Consequently, the noble working classes would inevitably become poorer and the evil capitalists richer. This was obviously unsustainable and eventually the noble working classes would rise up in a bloody rebellion. It is important to note that in Marx’s mind the Jews and evil capitalists where closely linked concepts. Further, in Marx’s understanding of history, this revolution was inevitable, i.e. it wouldn’t need any input from a Communist cadre.

Morph No: 1

Inexplicably, from the left perspective, the working classes didn’t spontaneously rise up. Perversely, the working classes were doing rather well under capitalism, any chance of them spontaneously starting a revolution had been killed off by roast beef and package holidays. This caused a crisis for Marxists in the early part of the twentieth century. They decided if the working classes were too apathetic to raise up spontaneously, what was needed was a cadre of agent provocateurs, men with the skills to ferment unrest, just like the Masons had successfully done in the French Revolution. Interestingly, these agent provocateurs needn’t come from the working classes, they could come from the intelligentsia or even the hated bourgeoisie.

They had some small success with this policy: the Russian Revolution was the result of agent provocateurs exploiting discontent in the Russian navy for example. And the Spanish Civil War was the result of Russian agents radicalising and financing Spanish Marxists. But the latter made the mistake of slaughtering innocent and unarmed Catholic priests, nuns, bishops and even junior seminarians by the thousands, which, inevitably, brought the Spanish military in on the side of civilisation. The left received a bloody nose on this occasion, which it still endlessly whinges about even till today: it was, obviously, very undemocratic of Franco not to allow them to continue their murderous spree unhindered, just when they were enjoying it so much.

Morph No: 2

The failure of the working classes to respond to agent provocateurs caused yet another crisis in the left in the 1930s. A number of socialist thinkers, notably Hitler, Mussolini and Franklin Roosevelt, but many others, reached the conclusion that the only way to bring about the (ill-defined) socialist utopia they hankered after was with strong central government under a strong leader. This strong central government would control everything directly or indirectly: education, production, services, health, transport, infrastructure, media, the courts, policing, etc. - much I suppose like England today, although we have taken it a step further, with the state dictating where and when you can smoke, what you should eat (even penalising you for not following the government’s dietary guidelines) and what we may think and say (with the police asking people to report anybody saying anything that supposedly offends them). This desire of the left for big government was the genesis of the Fascist parties in both Germany and Italy.

Some may object: if the Fascist and Communist are so closely related why where there such bloody conflicts between them? Well, that is often the way, movements hate what they see has heresies, because they see them as a deviation from the original purity. Just consider the conflict between Shi`ites and Sunni Muslims. From the outsider’s perspective they are very similar ideologies, yet they have been slaughtering one another continuously for fourteen centuries.

Franklin Roosevelt is on record as admiring both Hitler and Mussolini. Further, Lenin congratulated Mussolini, who was a former leading member of the Italian Communist Party, on forming the Italian Fascist party. Even the Holocaust came out of the left; it was the upshot of Hitler’s socialist mindset that, like Marx, equated the Jews with the hated capitalists. The Nazis hated the Jews for exactly the same reason that Marxists like Corbyn lead parties infested with anti-Semites.

Morph No: 3

The twenty-first century was the century that Marxist finally washed their hands of the working classes. They had failed to rise up spontaneously as Marx had confidently predicted. They had failed to rise up in response to agent provocateurs as Lenin and others had hoped. The final straw was that they had turned their back on big government when they voted on mass for Orange Man and Brexit. Madam Clinton famously denounced them as a bunch of deplorables and stated that they were unredeemable. They were denounced in the UK because they were stupid and didn’t know what they were voting for when they voted for Brexit - and they were also racist for so doing. Well, one can’t have it both ways: if we voted for Brexit because we were racists, our motives would indeed be ignoble, but you cannot also argue we didn’t know what we were voting for, but contradictions have never bothered the left.

The left has Hegelianism embedded in its DNA, consequently it is forced to view everything through the narrow lenses of power and conflict - “tribalism” in a word. So it has been compelled to seek new “underdogs” to replace the working classes it had just abandoned. It settled on black people, women, homosexuals, transvestites, Muslims, vegetarians, vegans, grossly fat people and a mentally challenged, sixteen-year-old, school dropout, climate change activist, the list is to all intents and purposes endless: Oxford University has just banned clapping in case it “triggers” students of a nervous disposition! There are however some groups positively excluded from the list: gay conservatives, ex-gays, trannies who regret their transition, black conservatives, Israelis, Christians in general and traditional Catholics in particular ... and also, of course, preborn children. Thus it is a hate crime to photograph a Koran in a toilet pan, but high art to photograph a Bible in a toilet pan. And while showing a graphic picture of a Black criminal shot by police would be applauded, showing a picture of a child killed by an abortionist would be judged an offensive outrage. Morph No: 3 of the left goes under the label of “intersectionality”, which must qualify as one of the ugliest words ever coined.

Someone has explained it as the Retired St George Syndrome. St George in retirement misses the adrenalin rush, the adulation of the crowd and the opportunities for virtue signalling that he enjoyed when slaying a large fire-breathing dragon. So he comes out of retirement to seek ever smaller dragons to slay and finally finishes up waving his sword at imaginary dragons.

This latest morph (Morph No: 3) of the left is doomed because these groups are not homogenous. What has an Indian heart surgeon in Surrey have in common with a Caribbean dustman in Doncaster for example? The answer is absolutely nothing apart from the utter triviality of similar skin complexions. As for Muslims, Shi`ites have been slaughtering Sunnis and Sunnis slaughtering Shi`ites for fourteen centuries, and both regularly butcher Ahmadiyyas - in fact in Iran it is a crime for an Ahmadiyyas to even claim to be a Muslim. Gays have little in common with Queers. I suspect that the “gay rights” movement will sooner or later begin to splinter just as it did in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, where the butch gays finishing up as the officer corp. of the Brown Shirts while the fems ended up in the camps ... where the butches had sent them. In England, I suspect, it will be the trans issue that will split the LGBT movement. As for women, only about six percent of British women currently identify as feminists! And with trans committing suicide at nineteen times the rate of the general population, one can only say “good luck” trying to build an election campaign on the backs of such a desperately tragic constituency.

And then there are of course the irreconcilable difference between these “oppressed” groups, with Muslims, for example, regularly tossing gays of high rise buildings. It is amusing watching left-wing heads exploding over the standoff in Birmingham with Muslim parents protesting the sexualising of small children by LGBT activists in primary schools. The left can’t decide whether to be homophobic or Islamophobic, but then any ideology that believes you only have to append “phobe” to a noun to win an argument must - one is surely at least entitled to hope - have a fairly limited shelf-life.

What does the future hold for the left? Not a lot I suspect: have you ever met an Albigensian? - of course not. Yet they flourished in southern France in the twelfth century. What set them apart as heretics was their veneration of sterility, and the sterile will never inherit the earth. The left today similarly worship and promote sterility; artificial contraception, abortion, sterilisation, sodomy, and they also never tire of deriding the Christian family. Their neo-Marxists’ chickens are now coming home to roost. It is estimated that 50% percent of the left-wing colleges in the USA will go broke within the next ten years! They are the victims of their own success, having preached sterility for decades their supply of seed-corn is drying up. One left-wing college in the USA has seen its intake plummet by 94% since 2010!

The swamp creatures are the product of Marxist propagandists posing as educators in Western left-wing dominated colleges and universities[1]. At this rate Trump won’t need to drain the swamp, the swamp will drain itself.

Christian colleges, on the other hand, are flourishing. Christian colleges have seen their intake increase on average by 20% since 2003: four or five of them have seen their intakes triple, and Trinity University has actually quadrupled its intake in the same period!

These exciting developments underline two laws of the universe: 1) The fruitful shall inherit the earth, and 2) Get woke, go broke.

[1] A classic example of this would be Cambridge University cancelling a speaking engagement by Jordan Peterson, the Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, because he isn’t willing to mindlessly spout the latest quasi-religious dogmas of the cultural Marxists on campus.

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