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You may or may not support or agree with Tommy Robinson (one way or the other!). I contend that is irrelevant right now [Speaking personally, he is what my cockney dad (RIP) would have called a "diamond geezer"]. The video below shows what happened when he took his campaign to become North West Region MEP to Oldham a few days ago.

A few days prior to this, the police in Carlisle had done everything they could to stop his legitimate political campaign from reaching the public in that town.

In Oldham, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) crossed a red line in such a blatant manner that only the most willfully blind or outright complicit could possibly deny it. They escorted around three hundred Muslim men several miles to the working class estate where Tommy Robinson's election rally was taking place. Many of the Muslims were wearing face-masks and balaclavas, carrying eggs, bottles and various other objects and chanting "Allah hu ackbar!", all the while openly shouting about how they were going to attack Tommy Robinson and his supporters. Then the police allowed them to throw eggs, bottles and bricks at the crowd (which included families with small children) attending the rally. NOT ONE ARREST WAS MADE.

Could it be any clearer? The notion that Muslims are being weaponized by the traitor oligarchs against any dissent from the satanic One World plan on the part of European populations was proved 100% correct in a moment of dreadful clarity in Oldham.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us. Christ have mercy on us. St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle!

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