The True Story Behind the Burmese Expulsion of the Rohingya Muslims

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“Your hearts may be filled with respect and love for your neighbour, but you can’t sleep beside a rabid dog” - Ashin Wirathu (buddhist monk)

Put simply, the attempted colonization of Burma's Rakhine state by Bangladeshi Rohingya Muslims has failed and the western media is full of sob stories about the fate of the poor Rohingya Muslims being expelled from Burma (or Myanmar as it is now should be called).

I confess that personally I'm not exactly an expert on the region - to qualify as an experts you have to be a white female professor at a left-wing universities who teaches something like gender studies, and who has never been within a couple of light years of Burma.

Nevertheless, I do know that Bangladesh, the real homeland of the Rohingya Muslims, is dirt poor, is as fervently intolerant as only Muslim societies can be, and is treated annually by Allah to a couple of disastrous floods, often resulting in a tragic loss of life and property. The Dutch, who like the Bangladeshis also live on a major river delta, know it takes quite a lot of work to avoid being flooded every year. The Bangladeshis prefer to put up with the annual flooding and rely on generous western aid to repair the damage - but then to be fair, isn't that why Allah created us dhimmis?

The Burmese state of Rakhine as the misfortune of bordering Bangladesh, and is much dryer and doesn't flood annually. The Rohingya Muslims from Bangladesh have been crossing the border (illegally) and settling (illegally) in Rakhine for some seventy years. They rather liked it there, so decided they wanted it just for themselves and, with support from East Pakistan, attempted to take over the state. In spite of losing this particular war, the Burmese allowed them to stay but they were never granted Burmese citizenship.

Burma is a Buddhist country: 86% of the population is Buddhist, 6% Christian, 4% Muslim, and 2% animist. Significantly, there are no religious problems between any religious groups except, of course, Muslims. The only state in Burma with a substantial percentage of Muslims is Rakhine state, where 47% are Muslim. Because they are close to being a majority, that, like night follows day, spells Muslim violence. Do I need to point out what would happen once they are the majority? Burma may have just dodged a very unpleasant bullet - a bullet, incidentally, governments in the West are seemingly keen we won't be allowed to dodge.

You will see and hear plenty about these poor mistreated Rohingya Muslims on western TV but what you will not see or hear anything about is what the Rohingyas have been up to - it would spoil the left's narrative, you see.

Nor will you learn from the media that all these Rohingya Muslims are Bangladeshi citizens, and should - since they are now neither wanted nor accepted in Burma - return to their own country. However, there is an added complication: Bangladesh doesn’t want them back! This is because they bring in money, and at the same time agitate to take over Rakhine state, a state Bangladesh would like to annex. It goes without saying, of course, that this repatriation should, as far as possible, be organised as orderly and humanely as possible.

It's such a dreadful shame that these poor Rohingya Muslims who settled (illegally) in Burma can no longer rape, rob and kill Buddhists just as they please - it's all the fault of the Burmese, of course, who clearly having no respect for different religious traditions. Just as the almost daily gratuitous Muslim violence in Europe is, of course, all the fault of the UK's foreign policy. And the fact that 95% of all crime in Sweden is committed by immigrants, mostly Muslim, is the fault of ... well, you'll have to ask Jeremy Corbyn, or some other left-wing friend, for the answer to that conundrum.

Relations between the indigenous (Buddhist) Rakhinese and the Muslim economic migrants have never been exactly harmonious. The Rohingyas' cultural tradition of gang-raping Rakhinese girls and robbing and murdering non-Muslims may have contributed slightly to this. But things really started to go down hill around 2012 when the Rohingya Muslims decided to revive the noble Islamic tradition of beheading Buddhist monks.

Buddhists, you see, are essentially atheists. Atheism offends Allah. So Muslims, who are duty bound to defend Allah, are duty bound to kill Buddhists. And to be fair to Muslims, if you have been slaughtering Buddhists for on and off for the last thirteen centuries, it must be quite a hard habit to break.

You can't really blame the Rohingyas for this, they're only following the example of there peace loving prophet, who is, according to the Quran, the best guy who ever lived. Muhammad had, after all, famously made it into the 627 AD edition of the Guinness Book of Records for the prophet who had sawn off the heads of the most unarmed innocent men in the shortest possible time - around 800 in four days according to the Muslim sources.

Unfortunately, the Burmese aren’t as meek as modern effeminised Westerners, so when Rohingya Muslims gang-rape a Burmese girl or beheaded one of their monks, they are often repaid in kind ... frequently with interest. The Burmese army has had to step in on more than one occasion to prevent the local population sending all the Rohingyas off to meet Allah. Subsequently, many Rohingya men decided to pass up the opportunity to grope the seventy-two celestial virgins promised by their disgusting religion as a reward for slaughtering non-Muslims, and have chosen instead to return to whence they had come, i.e. Bangladesh. The failure of the Burmese to appreciate how much they were being enriched by all this religious diversity can only be lamented.

Actually, the Rohingyas would prefer to move to a country where life is pleasanter than their native Bangladesh - Thailand, for example. There are lots of refugee camps in Thailand, where people from Laos, Cambodia and Burma are sheltered, but, unfortunately, the only people Thailand no longer accepts are - you've guessed it - Rohingya Muslims.

Muslims take the view that once they colonise a territory, it’s theirs ... forever, no matter what. So they have mobilised their Western left-wing water carriers to ratchet up the pity. There are, of course, no shortage of left-wing journalists who can write sad stories and take heartbreaking photos of little babies in order to paint the Rohingyas as oppressed, misunderstood victims, who deserve our unthinking support. Nor, unfortunately, is there any shortage of gullible, ill-informed politicians in the West willing to meddle in Burma's affairs.

Aung San Suu Kyi doesn’t mince words about Rohingyas, which doesn’t sit very well in western left-wing circles. They have put lots of pressure on the Nobel prize committee in Norway to withdraw her Nobel Prize. That’s not going to happen, but it demonstrates the left's hatred for people who don’t think the right (in this case: left) way. Aung San Suu Kyi deserves enormous credit for resisting the immense pressure from the West. If only the West had similar leaders.

On the other hand, perhaps Burma should learn from the West and when Muslins gang rape their daughters and murder innocent men, women and children on their streets for the crime of not being Muslims, Burmese politicians could prate on endlessly about how Burma is enriched by all this diversity, and then organise a peace rally and arrange for some teenager to sing saccharine pop songs about "All yer need is luv" ... finally, they could invite even more Muslims into their country. That should fix the problem. What could possibly go wrong?

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