Who Said the English Were, "A race of lions led by donkeys"?

Do not buy the book illustrated to the left that I am highly recommending if you want to continue in the comfortable belief that Great Britain is still a country with an independent judiciary, subject to the rule of law, intent on upholding our basic freedoms.

This book will open your eyes to some really unpleasant, indeed, frightening, realities. If you believe the UK applies human rights equally to everyone, you'll find this book deeply disturbing. Is it too late? Maybe, but only if the lions continue to be willing to carry water for the donkeys.

For years, to my shame, I did not question the propaganda put out by the MSM about Tommy Robinson. You know, all the usual left-wing crap: he was a racist bigot and, horror of horrors, a far-right extremist - you know all the buzzwords the left's uses to shut down civilised debate and turn us into useful idiots.

This Book is painful reading, for all kinds of reasons. I believe that if you asked the average Englishman, "Should any ideology be above scrutiny?" the answer would be "No. Of course not!" Why then is it impossible to criticise Islam without being accused by the left of suffering from their invented illness "Islamophobia? - and of being a "racist", "bigot" and the dreaded "far-right" to boot. The word "racist" is deployed by liberals as a weapon of mass destruction. If an individual, political party or media outlet wants to silence someone, they just call them a "racist". And great, they don't have to engage with them anymore, because their views don't count, they have been turned into a sort of non-person. If this book is your first introduction to Tommy Robinson, you would probably come away thinking he was nothing more than a decent working class man, albeit a bit rough around the edges. But learning the truth about Tommy Robinson is a very disconcerting experience if you started off – as many will – believing the media lie that that he is some sort of ugly right-wing thug. Rather than having this viewpoint strengthened, you will realise that he has never held a racist view in his life. The truth can take you to uncomfortable places – that's why so many people resist it so desperately. Life would be a lot easier if I hadn't read this book, but I have no choice but to evaluate the information I've gathered, because I care about truth more than any particular ideology. If our civilisation is to be saved, we need more Tommy Robinsons - indeed, many, many more. Just decent ordinary men with balls who are not prepared to ignore reality for the sake of an easy life.

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