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MODERATE ISLAM By Graham Moorhouse. Note: this essay was inspired by an article by William Kilpatrick, a noted American writer and author

​In a sane world, the statement that Islam is inherently and irreducibly violent, inhuman, supremacist and anti-civilisational would be about as controversial as the statement that water tends to be wet.

Nevertheless, in the secular asylum people like Cameron, Obama and the Pope keep telling us that Islam is a religion of peace and the vast majority of Muslims are moderate! It is difficult to know exactly what "moderate" means in this context, after all, you don't talk about a moderate Nazis do you? And the truth is that the Qur'an and supporting Islamic literature makes Mien Kemp sound like something written by Mother Teresa.

Aside, it would seem highly probable that Obama is a Muslim. His father was a Muslim, which, under Sharia law, if Obama wasn't a Muslim, would make him an apostate. The penalty for apostasy under all schools of Islamic jurisprudence is death. But I don't recall a single Muslim authority calling for the death of Obama. Strange.

The assertion, that most Muslims are moderate, is made, like most secular liberal claims without a scrap of evidence. So let us explore the evidence for ourselves; where exactly will we find all these moderate Muslins they keep telling us about?

Could it be Chechnya were the government has recently set up concentration camps for gays? In 2015, 800,000 Muslims in Chechnya took to the streets to protest the Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoons. Have you ever seen 1% of that number of Muslims on the street of Europe protesting the latest slaughter of the innocent by their co-

? After the Westminster Bridge carnage even the British establishment could only muster about half a dozen school girls in head-scarfs to march across the bridge, just about enough Muslims to fill a telephone box.

Perhaps all these moderate Muslims live in Pakistan, where an assassin has recently murdered a politician for suggesting that they should consider repealing their blasphemy laws. Various Islamic groups, too numerous to list, called for a boycott of the politician's funeral and even instructed Muslims not to pray for his soul! However, 100,000 Muslims managed to turn out for the funeral of the assassin!

Perhaps it is Kuwait then where all these Moderate Muslims live. A couple of years ago, the government of Kuwait enacted a law seeking to set a civilised minimum age for girls to marry. Tens of thousands of Muslim women in niqabs took to the street in protest. They were carrying signs which basically read, "If God permits girls to marry at age nine [the age of Aisha when 54 year old Muhammad raped her], the state has no business interfering."

Could it be Saudi Arabia then, where amputation are conducted on a regular basis in public? And where one public square in Riyadh has been nicknamed by Saudis "Chop-Chop Square" on account of the number of people who are publicly decapitated there, and where the authorities have thoughtfully installed a special "sewer" to drain away the blood? A few decades ago, they even publicly executed one of their own royal princesses for attempting to elope with her boy friend. The last time something comparable happened in the West was when Freemasons attempted to rid France of Catholics during the French Revolution.

Perhaps we will find these elusive moderates in the West Bank then, where streets, parks, squares and schools are named after murderers who have killed innocent Jewish men, women and children, and it is considered cute to dress up toddlers in suicide vests. Meanwhile in state schools and on government run television, children are taught that killing Jews is one of life's noblest vocations.

Morocco then, Morocco has just got to be a safe bet - the home of Casablanca and Rick's Café. Sorry. An ADL (a scurrilous Left-wing organisation) survey found that 80% of Moroccans hold anti-Semitic views. Which at a stretch perhaps could be described as moderate given that 87% of Algerians and 92% of Iraqis held similar views.

Could the blessed land of Muslim moderation be Afghanistan? Well, only if you discount child marriage and the popular form of entertainment known as "Bacha Bazi". Bacha Bazi involves dressing teen and pre-teen boys up as girls and forcing them to dance for men, they are then passed around for "sexual" purposes. As for the government: the Taliban once ruled Afghanistan and could very possibly do so again, and they're not moderate. However, every cloud has a silver lining, when they were last in power, they did try to outlaw Bacha Bazi.

Egypt? There has got to be a few moderates in Egypt. Please tell me there are moderates in Egypt. Well there is at least one. President el-Sisi has called for a reformation of Islam, and he presumably must have some supporters. However, a 2013 public opinion survey found that 70% of Egyptians supported whipping and amputations for thieves, 81% supported the stoning to death of adulterers and 86% supported the death penalty for apostates. So el-Sisi has got his work cut out there then.

"How dreadful are the curses that Mohammedanism lays on its votaries [followers]! ... Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities - but ... No stronger retrograde force exists in the world." - Winston Churchill 1899. We must pray that God will raise up another leader of the calibre of Winston Churchill, a man who has enough guts and integrity to look evil in the face and name it, before it is too late.

Post Script

In the UK we kill approximately 700 defenceless innocent children every day by abortion.

It was recently reported that ISIS had welded 19 Yazidi young women in an iron cage and burned them alive for refusing to have sex with their Muslim captors. Presumably: pour encourager les autres.

Like many, I have pondered and struggled to understand why secular liberals in general and Western feminists in particular are so eager to become water carriers for Islam.

Could it be the willingness of both to slaughter the defenceless innocent on an industrial scale for sex is the demonic glue that binds them together.

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