FREE Catholic Dating Sites (Catholic Dating Website)

FREE Catholic Dating Sites: The Catholic Unattached Directory is unique in that you can enjoy the facilities of the site for two months completely FREE. This gives you amply time to decide if this service is for you before parting with a penny. After the sixty days are up, you will be required to make a small monthly contribution to continue your membership.

The Catholic Unattached Directory protects you from blind dates, awkward phone calls, and from having to attend any daunting social occasions. Your address and telephone number always remain totally confidential, so no one can contact you direct unless and until you want them to. You remain in complete control at all times and take things at your own pace. There is no pressure: you meet who you choose, if and when you choose, how you choose.

To protect your confidentiality even further, we have the facility for you to have a pseudo-name in the Directory; although this is only truly necessary if you have a rare ethnic name that might identify you. Nonetheless, if you feel more comfortable not publishing your real name (so long as we have your real name on file) this service is available to you.

Members normally contact you via a private inbox on the site. Think of it as like having a locked box stored in a bank vault where all your private correspondence is kept safe and to which only you hold the key. Members may also write to one another by old fashion mail should they want to, but, because addresses are never published, all such letters must come to us first, to be forwarded unopened to the intended recipient.

To explore the Catholic Unattached Directory CLICK HERE

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