Catechism Lessons for 6 Year Olds

There are 28 Modules designed for 6 year olds (Modules 25 to 28 are coming soon).  Each module contains 4 lessons and 1 review and revision.  Each lesson contains a children's pack and separate teachers' notes.

Click on the button below to download all the lessons to your own computer as a 'zip' file.  You will then be able to view and print out the individual lessons from your own computer


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This Zip file contains the following Modules

Module 01 - God Our Father
Module 02 - Heaven is our home
Module 03 - God watches over everything)
Module 04 - God's special gifts
Module 05 - Adam and Eve
Module 06 - A sad story
Module 07 - A time of waiting
Module 08 - Getting ready for the Saviour
Module 09 - Mary Hears Some Wonderful News
Module 10 - the Saviour is born
Module 11 - Three wise men arrive
Module 12 - Jesus Grows Up
Module 13 - Jesus Begins His Work
Module 14 - Jesus tells the Good News
Module 15 - Jesus Does Wonderful Things
Module 16 - We believe in Jesus
Module 17 - The Best Gift of All
Module 17a - Proud to be Catholic
Module 18 - Jesus dies for us
Module 19 - Jesus was raised to new life
Module 20 - Jesus Begins the Church
Module 21 - Jesus Goes Back to Heaven
Module 22 - The Holy Spirit Comes
Module 23 - The Blessed Trinity
Module 24 - God Gives You His Life

Modules 25-28 will be coming shortly. Please check this page for updates